Business Environment

Wakulla County, Florida, offers access to a large regional workforce, as well as proximity to the Florida State capital and thriving regional markets. Our business environment is as attractive as the natural environment. Respect for the natural beauty throughout Wakulla County has encouraged growth of “green” businesses as environmentally responsible businesses have become an important part of our economy. Wakulla is a place people want to live, so attracting a quality workforce is not a problem.

The two-county area (Wakulla and Leon) has a population of 320,000 and a labor force of 164,000. The capital area offers a highly-qualified workforce consisting of recent university graduates and seasoned, skilled workers.

CareerSource Capital Region connects employers with qualified, skilled talent and Floridians with employment and career development opportunities. CareerSource provides employers access to local and statewide workforce solutions in one location, at no cost. CareerSource has close partnerships with local chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, educational institutions, and business/professional associations in order to understand employer needs to develop and guide strategic workforce solutions.


Wakulla County Demographics

County (2016): 31,893
3.6% growth since 2010  
MSA: 377,924
Labor Force (persons) 14,172
Unemployment Rate 4.1
Median Household Income (2015) $48,703
High school 39.40%
Some college 24.40%
Associates Degree 9%
Bachelor’s Degree 11.60%
Graduate Degree 4.50%


Job Types  
Public Administration 18%
Retail 15%
Accommodation and Food Service 12%
Manufacturing 10%
Construction 6%
Population by Age    
School Age (5 to 17) 4,972 16.00%
College Age (18 to 24) 2,433 7.80%
Young Adult (25 to 44) 9,116 29.30%
Older Adult (45 to 64) 9,141 29.40%
Older (65 plus) 3,884 12.50%
Median Age 40  


Leon County Demographics

County (2016): 287,822
4.5% growth since 2010  
MSA: 377,924
Labor Force (persons) 149,890
Unemployment Rate 4.6
Median Household Income (2015) $46,405
High school 19%
Some college 19.3%
Associates Degree 9%
Bachelor’s Degree 25.3%
Graduate Degree 19.7%


Job Types  
Public Administration 20.5%
Health Care and Social Services 12.9%
Accommodation and Food Service 11.4%
Retail 11.1%
Professional, Scientific, Technical 6.9%
Population by Age    
School Age (5 to 17) 39,079 13.8%
College Age (18 to 24) 65,386 23.1%
Young Adult (25 to 44) 70,240 24.8%
Older Adult (45 to 64) 62,643 22.1%
Older (65 plus) 30,546 10.8%
Median Age 30  


Feature Company: St. Marks Powder

St. Marks Powder, Inc. a General Dynamics Company is located in St. Marks, Fl. The company manufactures over 100 commercial propellants. Applications include small arms applications from .22 rimfire which has taken Gold Medals at the Olympics to .50 caliber large game propellants as well as many pistol and shotshell applications. The company has a strong technical base which is able to serve numerous domestic and international customers. They continue to be a mainstay of the community having relocated to Wakulla County nearly 50 years ago.



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